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Kralj Matjaž

THE LAST STAND OF KRALJ MATJAŽ (Kralj Matjaž – King Mathias)

Kralj Matjaž and his whole army had been fighting in a large field. In the middle of that field stood an enormous and beautiful linden tree, and Kralj Matjaž and his men gathered around it. The battle had lasted a very long time and Kralj Matjaž had lost so many men that all the survivors were able to rest in the shade of that tree. This time Kralj Matjaž led army into the Holy Mountains. The largest of them is Mountain Budinska and it opened up a passageway for him.

The mountain cave welcomed Kralj Matjaž and his army. That was the last anyone ever saw them. It is said that the king still sleeps in this cave, close to a stone table. On the table before him is a pure gold, around which his beard is wrapped. It is said that when the beard has wrapped nine times around the gold, he will rise again with his army and go back to the linden tree. That linden tree will blossom again and will give a strong aroma that will inspire all the soldiers. When that happens, the world will have only one king, Matjaž, and there will be only one religion on earth and the world will live in peace.

KRALJ MATJAŽ – background




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